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Surface Treatment Technology Of PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel
Oct 27, 2017

Aluminum materials for many years surface treatment, are anodic oxidation. In order to be able to achieve a solid oxide film and color luster, at home and abroad to use what aluminum alloy profile, made a serious choice, the last choice of 6063 alloy (China for LD31). The alloy Features: Extrusion performance is easy to squeeze, medium strength, the key is a good oxidation performance, aluminum door and window profiles a good decorative surface.PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel 

This shows that the oxide film is easy to produce and has a high degree of firmness. Oxide film thickness and color difference can be controlled, color adhesion strong luster. But the oxidation coloring color is only white and bronze, the color is monotonous. Because the oxidation process is to put aluminum material into the oxidation bath liquid in the cleaning, oxidation, coloring and sealing holes.PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel

Electrostatic spraying, so that the surface treatment of aluminum curtain wall is solved, not only make the chromatic aberration smaller and can get a variety of color aluminum plate. Electrostatic spraying: Powder spraying and fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying materials are: polyurethane, polyurethane, epoxy resin, hydroxyl polyester resins and epoxy resin, can be prepared in a variety of colors. Powder spraying characteristics: Spraying equipment has manual, automatic hanging type, simple construction, coating thickness of more than 30 microns, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion, weatherability, etc. are good, the price of paint cheaper than fluorocarbon.PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel

Fluorocarbon Coating's own performance, spraying equipment must ensure excellent atomization effect, to ensure uniformity of spraying layer, the distribution of metal particles in fluorocarbon coatings, directly affect the appearance of the coating effect. Uniform coating, excellent quality fluorocarbon coating with metallic luster, bright color, obvious three-dimensional. The use of unsuitable spraying equipment fluorocarbon coating, will produce uneven color, surface shadow or coating is not solid.PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel

The purpose of the pretreatment: before spraying the aluminum alloy profile and the plate, the surface of the workpiece must undergo decontamination and chemical treatment to produce the chromium film, increase the adhesion of the coating and metal surface, and prevent the oxidation ability, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the paint film. Primer coating: As a primer coating for the sealing substrate, its function is to improve the penetration resistance of the coating, enhance the protection of the substrate, stabilize the metal surface layer, strengthen the adhesion between the topcoat and the metal surface, which can guarantee the color uniformity of the topcoat coating, and the paint layer thickness is generally 5-10 microns.PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel