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Special Metal Composite Panel Production Mode
Oct 18, 2017

How does the stainless steel composite plate produce? There are two main methods of industrial production of stainless steel composite panels, explosion composite and hot rolling compound. Explosive composite panel production process is to overlap the stainless steel plate placed on the carbon steel substrate, stainless steel plate and carbon steel substrate between the use of a certain distance between the mat.Special Metal Composite Panel

Stainless steel plate above the tiling explosives, explosives explosion energy, so that high-speed impact of stainless steel plate carbon steel substrate, resulting in high temperature and high pressure so that the interface of two materials to achieve solid-phase welding. Ideally, the shear strength of the interface per square millimeter can reach 400 MPa. Hot-rolled composite plate process is carbon steel substrate and stainless steel plate in the physical pure state, under high vacuum conditions rolling. During the rolling process, the two metals diffuse to achieve complete metallurgical bonding. Of course, in order to improve the wetting effect of the composite interface, improve the bonding strength, in the interface of the physical and chemical treatment also take a series of technical measures.Special Metal Composite Panel In recent years, titanium steel composite panels have added new uses, that is, in the field of marine civil engineering began to apply to the anti-corrosion materials. This is not only because of its low cost, as the main body of the steel structure of the welding installation point of view, must also use titanium composite panels. Explosive method, thick plate rolling method of titanium steel composite plate for the thick plate, its use is mainly used for corrosion resistance of structural materials. High purity p-phthalic acid equipment and other chemical equipment, the condenser tube plate used in power generation equipment. Continuous hot-rolled titanium steel composite panels are made of sheet metal, mainly used in the lining of marine steel structures, the application areas for the marine civil.Special Metal Composite Panel

The plate rolling method initially assembles the titanium plate (composite) with the steel plate (substrate) in an embedded slab. At this time, between the titanium plate and steel into the appropriate intermediate embedded material, and then under high vacuum electron beam welding. Finally put into the heating furnace, the plate rolling mill on the forced rolling to the required thickness, so that the titanium plate and the steel plate is really engaged. Finally, the outer cut, separated into two plates.Special Metal Composite Panel