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Resisting Ability Of Fire-rated Aluminium Composite Panel
Oct 27, 2017

The new century, the State takes the scientific development view as the guidance, vigorously constructs the resources conservation-minded and the environment-friendly society. In the building decoration industry, in order to improve the problem, focus on strengthening the following key points: energy-saving emission reduction, optimization of environmental protection; Grasp the above points, industry-related enterprises unremitting efforts, the aluminum-plastic composite equipment to carry out a comprehensive or partial technical renovation, has made some breakthroughs.Fire-rated Aluminium Composite Panel

High degree of automation. The different thickness of the aluminum-plastic plate switch easy, can be completed in two seconds smoothly. The use of live sockets, aluminum coil does not stop. Less pollution. The heat and plastic link produces the smoke, the noise is small, the scene environment is good. Use less water for electricity. Two-roll plastic melting composite technology, no need for composite roller, compared with traditional plastic plate molding process, saving electricity costs two-thirds, the use of new water cycle cooling process, water reduction of one-second.Fire-rated Aluminium Composite Panel

Fewer workers are needed. The overall efficiency of the equipment is higher than the general compound line save One-fourth of the labor, significantly reduced wages and benefits.Fire-rated Aluminium Composite Panel 

Process supplies less. Using the upper and lower aluminum automatic edge technology, composite after the aluminum plastic plate without cutting edge, saving materials, reduce costs. Good inner quality. The upper and lower volume adopts constant tension control technology to ensure the tension stability when the coil diameter changes, which fundamentally guarantees the composite quality. The peel strength is high, the thickness tolerance is small. Plate quality is good. Plate surface without scald, plate surface without stress, no warping, no need for another leveling. Using pendulum shearing machine, the cutting plate has no damage and no deformation.Fire-rated Aluminium Composite Panel

Composite aluminum plate does not resist lightning, strong current is difficult to pass the composite aluminum plate grounding, 0.5mm thick aluminum plate will be penetrated. Aluminum alloy veneer can be used as a good conductor of electricity, through the construction of grounding system to the lightning large electric current quickly transported to the ground. On-site manual operation of planing groove, if the depth of the groove control is not good, will hurt the outer aluminum plate, so that the bend appears broken, produce scrap, the yield is generally 96%~98%. Because the wall board is more for the field processing, the quality control condition is poor, jerry-building, shoddy situation is easy to appear in this link, the wall board quality will affect the construction quality.Fire-rated Aluminium Composite Panel