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Recovery Process Of PE Aluminium Composite Panel
Oct 18, 2017

Aluminum-plastic composite panels can be used in the building for decades, so talk about the recovery of aluminum-plastic composite panels, more of a new board production, processing waste. Material recovery process: aluminum-plastic composite panel manufacturers face a problem is the production of waste plate recycling problems, and the main problem is how to economically separate aluminum panels and PE core. One way is to first cut the aluminum-plastic composite sheet into small pieces and separate the aluminum from the plastic in a conventional manner. Another effective way to recover large plates is to separate the aluminum from the plastic by rolling.PE Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminum parts can be recycled as a single material to re-rolling, PE part of the simple finishing can be used for the production of composite panels. For the composite board processing and installation process generated by the waste plate can be recovered by the manufacturer. Plastic part of the heating recovery method, because the waste market is a free market, there are companies using other methods to recover aluminum-plastic plate. The aluminum-plastic composite panels are chopped and then the pieces are heated in a closed furnace to the final evaporation. The energy generated during the evaporation process is used for the new melting and evaporation process, and the aluminum material is further recovered. This recycling can produce benefits, so scrap aluminum composite panels can be sold to a certain price, there is no need to abandon the other.PE Aluminium Composite Panel

Often, aluminum-plastic composite panels are used in large-scale buildings, and when buildings are removed, there will be tons of slag with significant economic value. In other words, the resulting waste plate even if there is no mandatory requirements, will be used to recover the above method will not stay, causing pollution to the environment. Under the sunlight, the molecular structure of the plastic will change over time, the quality will be reduced, but this situation does not apply to the aluminum composite panel, because the polyethylene is completely covered with aluminum and can be protected from sunlight. When using different recovery methods, the environmental indicators of the product and its curtain wall system are evaluated.PE Aluminium Composite Panel