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Making Material Of Advertising Board
Oct 27, 2017

Both rational and perceptual, with a wide range of knowledge and rich life experience. Rationality: Analyze and summarize the rationality of advertising logic. Sensibility: The color, location, size, and the feeling that the user should be given a quick sense for the layout. Advertising works are generally composed of five elements, such as theme, originality, language, image and foil. Advertising creation, that is, to create these five elements, and make it organically combined to become a complete advertising work.Advertising Board

The theme is the central idea of advertising, which is the basic concept of advertising to achieve a certain purpose. It is the core and soul of advertising. Creativity is the idea of expressing the theme of advertising. If the originality of advertising can be a fascinating theme, it will achieve better advertising effect. Language is an essential means for advertising to transmit economic information. Without the Chinese advertisement, can not pass the advertisement message, cannot let the person know the advertisement propaganda content. Languages include language and text.Advertising Board

Image is an effective way to show the theme of advertising. The advertisement has the image, can make the advertisement more noticeable, increases the trust, leaves the deep impression. Foil is also a way to display the theme of advertising, to foil the performance of advertising, can highlight the overall image of the theme, strengthen the appeal of advertising, improve the attention of the advertising, understanding and memory.Advertising Board Metal Billboard is the earliest billboard, its galvanized iron plate for the material, use to prevent rust, more for billboards, the name brand and so on. Although this brand is adaptable to climate, but it is time-consuming to process, coloring is not easy. With the development of spraying technology, billboards began to appear, improve the rust-proof performance, through the cutting plate printing process to make its coloring.Advertising Board

Since the billboard began to use hard plastic as the main material, the Melamine advertising board gives people a feeling that has become obsolete. Plate billboard has been obsolete, because of its own weight, so that processing is affected, in the circulation of goods is also very difficult. Metal Advertising Board of the main material has been to the aluminum plate or thin zinc plate transformation, these are lightweight materials, processing is good, even if the size of the larger is easy to handle. In order to increase the strength of the sheet metal, a part of it can be raised to a rib, and its material amount is roughly the same as the flat plate.Advertising Board