EN-13501-01 Standard Grade B Fireproof Aluminum Composite Curtain Wall Panels

EN-13501-01 Standard Grade B Fireproof Aluminum Composite Curtain Wall Panels

Alcadex® FR is a fire-rated ACM composed of aluminum skins and the fire-retardant core. It passes most countries' fire-safety codes for exterior and interior. Compared with solid aluminum panels, Alcadex® FR is lightweight, rigid and flat. The surface finish is a coating of fluorocarbon...
  • Alcadex® B1 fireproof aluminium composite panel is wildly applicated for high commerical buildings, hotels and resident apartments. Now more fire accidents happened, the fire safety problem become more serious and urgent notice. Our panel pass EN13501-1 fire test, with durable quality, we could offer clients with excellent and satisfy panel. 


    Protective film to protect panel surface 

    PVDF coating with clean or colors applied on aluminium sheet.

    Polymeric membrane composites the aluminiumonto core.

    Fireproof core


    Specification &  Terms:


    1000mm / 1220mm / 1250mm / 1500mm / 1575mm

    Panel Thickness

    3mm,    4mm,5mm & 6mm

    Aluminium Alloy

    AA1100, AA3003 (other grade on requirement)

    Aluminium Thickness

    0.15-1.0 mm


    PE / PVDF / Nano/    FEVE

    Fireproof Core

    Fire-rated Core


    6000mm in maximum


    Solid / Metallic / Marble / Wooden / Brush / Glossy/Mirror


    800 SQM/size/color

    Brand / OEM

    ALCADEX® / Customized


    15 day after getting deposit and color confirmation

    Payment Terms

    T/T / L/C / Western Union / Paypal


    Wooden Package or bulk loading

    Product Name

    fireproof wall board / fireproof wood panel/fireproof metal panel

    fireproof plastic panels / aluminum fireproof panel

    Welcome to buy the en-13501-01 standard grade b fireproof aluminum composite curtain wall panels from our factory. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you good price and excellent service.

  • Panel Installation Notice

    Do not stick PVC tapes, polyurethane and modified silicon sealant onto protective film.

    Plasticizers contained in these materials penetrate the film and may cause glossy changeon the coating 

    Please peel off the protective film within 45 days after installation

    All the panels installation should follow protective film arrow and keep all arrows same direction. Otherwise may cause color aberration after protective film peeling off.

    Correct Installation direction:

    Wrong Installation direction:

    Cleaning and Maintanence

    It is highly recommended that when using any type of cleaner, personal safety and protection is the top priority. Please use appropriate skin and eye protection to prevent chemical irritation or burns before commencement of works.

    The amount of dirt accumulation on Alcadex® panels depends on a numbers of factors, but more importantly upon the building’s geographic location and position. Other varying factors that should be considered when scheduling the cleaning of the panels are panel location on the building structure, local soil type, weather, amount of dirt build up and pollution.

    Always test cleaning materials, cleaners and procedures on a small inconspicuous area prior to use on a large scale.

    Normal dust and dirt: a 5% solution (one part detergent to 20 parts of water) of commonly used industrial detergents will not have any deleterious effect on the PVDF coated surface.

    For rust stains or dried mortar / concrete: hydrochloric acid (10% muriatic acid) diluted with ten parts water would be effective in such cases. It is very important that a small area be tested to see if this will affect the panel surface before proceeding with cleaning the entire project. 

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